Back in the Game

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2



Hello again!

Sydney En Vogue is back and better than ever! A lot has changed in the past year and a half… We become home owners, dog parents to Ragnar, we had a beautiful wedding, and I went back to school for fashion design! I’m psyched to revisit the blog with my new perspective and honed fashion industry skills.

There is no better way to get back in the game than with this sportswear inspired ensemble. In today’s world of fashion, our leggings and zip ups have made their way out of the gym and into our apace every day lives. We work our nine to five, run a million errands in between, just make it in time for our spin class, and then race downtown for dinner in the evening … All without breaking a sweat, and in some cases, without even changing our outfits! I wanted to design something for the active young woman, that captures the practical essence of sportswear, but with a more delicate and feminine hue.

A lot of thought went into the construction of the pants. They are made of a wool/spandex blend, which means they are stretchy and wick perspiration away from the body. I have incorporated additional stretch to the garment by adding a panel of nude power mesh down the sides. The Guipure lace is what really makes these pants special. Appliquéd entirely by hand, I loved using a more “couture” technique on an everyday look.

The body of the jacket is made of black and white knit wool, with pops of pink, orange, brown, and white yarns woven abstractly throughout. It has a very plush and luxurious hand for the wearer, but maintains a sense of practicality with it’s four way stretch and wicking properties. The sleeves are made from a digitally printed, lightweight neoprene that has maximum flexibility. Described as an X-ray floral print, the contrast of the dark stems with almost translucent pink petals captures a sense of mysterious beauty.

Love in Fashion,


PS. Extra thank you to puppy Ragnar for putting up with Danielle and I during the shoot!


Photos by Danielle Goodman


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